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Calendar of retreats 2018

* NEW *

Bill Greenwell's Poetry Clinic (online) in association with abriCW

A 10-week online guided poetry forum with critique and feedback on work-in-progress led by tutor Bill Greenwell. This Clinic, formerly hosted by Exeter University's online distance learning department, is extremely popular and places go fast. It will run twice a year, starting roughly in October and January. More details here


Ways Into Writing Fiction
with Michele Roberts, Fri 4 - Fri 11 May 2018

Cost £250 (course) + 580€ (accommodation and meals)

The aim of this course is to help writers improve their writing of fiction. It is open to all writers, experienced and inexperienced and will consider topics such as inspiration, voice, character, place, structure and re-drafting. Working playfully and experimentally, you will learn how to expand your imaginative capacity, how to write differently, how to overcome writer's block, how to keep going, how to edit and re-edit until your writing shines.


Jackie Poetry
with Jackie Wills, Fri 18 – Fri 25 May 2018

Cost £260 (course) + 580€ (accommodation and meals)

This is a week for generating new poems and developing ideas. Come to it with an open mind and drive to find new directions, new material. We'll look at work by a variety of writers and focus on some of the devices they use to provide a foundation for your own work.


Poetry Clinic Live!
with Bill Greenwell, Sat 16 – Sat 23 June 2018

Cost £240 (course) + 580€ (accommodation and meals)

This is a week of looking – not for right answers, to these or any other questions, but at different possibilities. A week of creating ideas, and sharing the shaping and editing of them. Bill has been running his popular online Poetry Clinic for over ten years, challenging writers (in the nicest possible way) to see what they write differently. This is a chance to hone your editing skills, to discuss your writing, and to share the solutions you come up with. Your poems will emerge fitter and finer.

Lucy Wadham

Writing from Life
with Lucy Wadham, Sat 23 – Sat 30 June 2018

Cost £250 (course) + 580€ (accommodation and meals)

Every life is filled with stories – our own, those of our ancestors, even the ones we might have heard from a stranger on a train… Faber novelist Lucy Wadham, bestselling author of 'The Secret Life of France', will coax out the story from your life experience. Whether you’re interested in writing fiction or memoir, Lucy will help you to hone the skills that are required for a good novel.


Writing the Bright Moment: prose, poetry & nature-writing
with Roselle Angwin, Sat 1 – Sat 8 Sep 2018

Cost £275 (course) + 580€ (accommodation and meals)

A week to quicken the heart, fire the imagination and enliven the senses. In addition to creative and reflective writing on various topics we’ll also be thinking and talking about so-called ’nature writing’ and our place in the web of life. This retreat will focus on developing our writing at the same time as deepening our sense of relationship to the world around us.

Lucy Wadham





Writers Open Retreat
with Lucy Wadham & Sharon Black, Fri 21 Sep - Fri 28 Sep 2018

Cost £100 (feedback sessions) and 580€ (accommodation and meals)

Focus on your writing, undisturbed, in a peaceful environment - with optional daily group feedback sessions led by Lucy Wadham & Sharon Black (included in price). This retreat is for anyone who has a work-in-progress project: putting together a novel, a poetry collection, creative non-fiction, or simply would like creative time to muse, reflect and find inspiration in stunning surroundings, with a balance of solitude and the company of other writers. Optional mentoring with Lucy (fiction, memoir) or Sharon (poetry) available.


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